Ten “Always Bad” Worship Leader Ideas

1Us worship leaders are the creative types who like to think outside the box, like to do things artistically, and like to have new ideas. Some of those ideas are good. Some of those ideas are terrible. Here are some “always bad” worship leader ideas.

1. Spur-of-the-moment modulations

2. On-the-fly worship sermonettes in-between songs

3. Eating 2 greasy pizza slices right before (belch…) leading worship

4. Attempting water-skiing or rock-wall climbing just a few hours before trying to play guitar. Good luck with those forearm muscles

5. Agreeing to sing at a wedding before specifying you don’t do John Tesh ballads. (First hand experience on this one)

6. Asking the groom at a wedding if he’s the Father of the Bride. (Again, first hand experience here)

7. Making fun of an old worship song that you think is terrible when it turns out that song is your Senior Pastor’s all-time favorite song because he used to sing it to his youngest daughter when she was a little. (You guessed it)

8. Pranking your drummer. He’ll get you back when you least expect it

9. Giving the projectionist a dirty look when they don’t advance the lyrics. The congregation is thinking the same thing as you, but when you make that mean face you look like a jerk

10. Purposefully playing too loud because “it’s good for people”. Wrong. Check your bravado at the door. And avoid the pizza

11 thoughts on “Ten “Always Bad” Worship Leader Ideas”

  1. As a lifelong pizza fan, I wholeheartedly reject any non-pizza sentiments expressed in this blog.

  2. #11. Not having a backup acoustic guitar on hand for the inevitable busted string on the first song of the worship set. (cue the broken G string jokes) =)

  3. #12. Trying to ad-lib a non-standard-chord-progression song without the chord sheet in front of you (like when you have a visiting Bishop giving out communion, thus causing it to take 10 – count ’em!, 10! – songs to get through instead of the 5 you had planned for….)

  4. A recent fail of mine – planning a prayer to follow asking people to greet eachother… yeah, the only way you’re getting their attention back is with some drums..

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