Signs That You’re High-Maintenance

1Are you a difficult worship leader to work with? Does your pastor find you to be a constant challenge? Do the other staff members at your church avoid disagreeing with you? Hopefully not. But sometimes worship leaders, with the wonderful artistic temperament that God gave us (not to mention the sinful nature we’re born with), can become mini-divas without realizing it.

Here are some signs you might have become a bit too high-maintenace.

1. You disagree with everything the pastor suggests. He can be right sometimes, you know!

2. You think you’re the only one who “gets it”. You’re not.

3. You get defensive when someone wants to help you choose songs. Loosen up.

4. Your natural response to a new idea is “no”. Try not to shoot down ideas so quickly.

5. You ask permission too much. Maybe he’d be happy to give you a longer leash than you want for yourself?

6. After church, you immediately fish for compliments. It’s obvious to people, and it’s not attractive.

7. Your office door is always closed. Be sociable. It’s good for you.

8. You think everything is a “big deal”. Most things you think are big deals are actually small deals that you make into big deals by treating them like they’re big deals. Relax a little bit and everyone will be happier!

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