Using Humor to Get Your Team to Read Your Emails

I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve encountered a problem at a worship team rehearsal or a service that would have been avoided if people had read the entire email I had sent them in which those potential problems had been addressed. Maybe it’s a schedule change, a room location, an arrangement heads-up, or whatever. People either just read the beginning of the email, scan it, or don’t read it at all.

Maybe they’re not committed enough. Maybe they don’t take leading worship seriously. Maybe they don’t care.

Or maybe your emails are too long and boring.

One way to get your teams to read your whole email is to keep it short. Another way is to organize it well, using short paragraphs, headings and boldface (in moderation). Another way is use humor.

I’ve recently begun making sure the emails I’m writing to my team are as short and organized as possible. After all, many of the people on the team receive several hundred emails per hour. They don’t have time to read a missive from me. Short and clear is the main thing.

Then I’ll go back over it and add some jokes.

I’ll rib some people who are good sports. I’ll say that on the back of the worship team schedule they’ll find a hidden treasure map. I’ll tell them that if they miss our monthly meeting on March 28th that they’ll get the hives. You get the point.

There isn’t a person on your worship team who doesn’t like to laugh. Everyone loves to laugh. They’ll read your emails if they make them laugh and you’ll have accomplished your goal.

2 thoughts on “Using Humor to Get Your Team to Read Your Emails”

  1. Great post Jamie. I know exactly how you feel.I find that some emails get read and some don’t. It may be that people open them and plan to come back and read over it, but things can get missed.
    Thanks for the good advice.

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