You Can Come to Me

This past Sunday afternoon I led about 30 minutes of worship in song at the beginning of an afternoon healing service at my church. These services usually have three elements: singing, teaching, and then an open-ended time of prayer ministry.

After we had sung two songs, I had an impression from the Lord that there were several people who, because of feelings of condemnation or fear, were reluctant to “draw near to God” (James 4:8). So I sang a spontaneous song, conveying God’s heart that people draw near to him through Jesus Christ. Several people asked me for the words afterwards, and I thought I’d share the song on here in the event that this is an encouragement to you.

Why do you stand far away from me?
Why do you stand in fear?
I have made a way for you to come to me
And I am waiting here

There is no sin I did not bear
There is no sin that I did not take to the grave
But I rose again, I rose again
And I am your risen Savior

And you can come to me
Yes, you can come to me
And my grace is free
Poured out on Calvary

Why do you stand under the weight of condemnation?
There is none in Christ.
Why do you look on the old things?
For I give you new life

And you can come to me
You can come to me right now
‘Cause my grace is free, freely given
Poured out on Calvary

Unending love, unending grace, unending mercy
For you
Free for you

You can come to me
I will wash you clean
Don’t stand far from me
Come close. I am here

5 thoughts on “You Can Come to Me”

  1. Jamie

    I was serving as a prayer minister in this service. As soon as you starting singing this song, I knew something extra ordinary was happening spiritually. In the middle of the song, I watched an older gentlemen totally break down and cry. Some time later, I had the privilege of prayer for him over rather serious matters of the soul.

    We are proud of you and thank the Lord for your gifts shared at TFC. Please continue to “step out” in this manner of service, minds, bodies and souls will be healed by the Lord through these inspired melodies of LOVE,

    Chuck Jackson

  2. It is beautiful! It makes you draw near to Him who loves us and knows us yet died for us and wants to be our friend. What grace!

  3. Quick question: when you say a spontaneous song do you mean an unplanned song that you already knew or that the song was made up on the spot?

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