Getting Out of Strumming Pattern Ruts – Part One

I’ve been realizing lately that I tend to gravitate towards the same strumming patterns that I’ve always used. I think most acoustic guitarists can relate. This video gives some very simple alternatives to the basic strumming pattern we all learn in the time signature of 4/4.

Playing Christmas Carols on Acoustic Guitar

This is a little late in the Christmas season for most of you, but I thought I’d post some videos with tips on how to play a few Christmas carols on acoustic guitar. I hope some of this is helpful, although it’s pretty basic and you can’t really see the guitar very well in one of them!

Angels We Have Heard on High: 

Joy to the World:

O Come All Ye Faithful: 

Picking and Strumming at the Same Time – Take Two

Back in February I posted a tutorial video showing how you can strum and pick on the same song, and in the same measure, without throwing people off, and provide some freshness to your playing.

The problem was that you couldn’t see my hands at all. Oops. So a couple of people pointed that out and asked me to reshoot it, so I have. Since I don’t play my guitar right under my neck, it’s still a bit hard to see, but hopefully this is a bit more helpful.

Playing the Acoustic Guitar Rhythmically and Melodically

When you lead worship from the acoustic guitar, it can oftentimes be helpful for your congregation if you accent the melody in addition to playing the rhythm. If you’re with a large band, this isn’t such a big deal. But if you’re by yourself or with a small team, and leading a song the congregation isn’t totally familiar with, it can help people sing with confidence if they can hear where the melody is. Here’s an example: