Picking and Strumming at the Same Time – Take Two

Back in February I posted a tutorial video showing how you can strum and pick on the same song, and in the same measure, without throwing people off, and provide some freshness to your playing.

The problem was that you couldn’t see my hands at all. Oops. So a couple of people pointed that out and asked me to reshoot it, so I have. Since I don’t play my guitar right under my neck, it’s still a bit hard to see, but hopefully this is a bit more helpful.

One thought on “Picking and Strumming at the Same Time – Take Two”

  1. Thanks for the post Jamie and for all your help! I just started playing guitar earlier this year so I’m going back through your guitar vids =)

    If you have a moment, could you tell me what fingers positions are you playing for amazing grace (it got a little cut-off at the bottom of the video).

    Also, I noticed that you were peddling a lot of the upper notes in Here I Am To Worship and it sounds great! Are there any good resources for learning how to do that in general?

    – Cyrus

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