My Songs

In 2013, I produced and led worship for 2 projects with my former church: “We Will Proclaim” (on iTunes, and at Amazon) and an Advent EP entitled “For Our Salvation” (on iTunes, and at Amazon).

The Advent EP features one of my songs “Beautiful Baby Boy” which is available for free here.

The worship album features four of my songs. One of them is “How Can It Be” and is available here.

In 2012, I produced and led worship for A Thousand Amens. The CD features 14 congregational songs led by worship team, organ, and loud congregation. You can download it from iTunes, CD Baby, or Amazon.

I wrote three songs on the album and have offered them all for free.

1. God of All Power and Grace

2. More Than Conquerors

3. Come You Sinners

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