Free Song: More Than Conquerors

Earlier this year as my church was receiving word that we would need to leave our property, then actually leaving that property, and then transitioning into being a “portable” church, we were also studying the book of Romans in our Sunday morning sermons.

You would have thought our pastor had known we’d be losing our building when we decided to preach through the first eight chapters of Romans. But that wasn’t the case. As always, in God’s perfect timing, he had led us to study just what we needed for that season in our life together.

It was during this season that my church recorded its first live worship CD. One of the songs on the CD that I wrote is called “More Than Conquerors” and was written for my church and based on the amazing truths in Romans 8.

The chorus, based on Romans 8:28 and 8:37 says:

We are more than conquerors
Through Him who loves us
Nothing can keep us from His love
We are more than conquerors
Through Him who saved us
All things will work together for good
‘Cause He is good

Verse one is based on Romans 8:18-25 and says:

These present sufferings – they are nothing
Compared to all that is to come
So we are waiting and celebrating
Our hopes is in a sovereign God

Verse two is taken from Romans 8:1-3 and 8:35 and says:

What can condemn us or separate us?
Jesus has bought us with His blood
Through tribulation and persecution
Our freedom song is growing louder and louder

And finally, the bridge is almost word-for-word Romans 8:38-39:

Not death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers
The present, the future, nor any powers
No height, no depth, nor all of creation
Can keep us from Your love

It didn’t seem right for this kind of song to be slow. So it’s upbeat and celebrative. This is good news for us to declare as God’s people – especially when we lose a massive court case!

You can download the free mp3 here: More Than Conquerors MP3

And here’s the free chord chart: More Than Conquerors CHORD CHART

You can purchase the whole album at

Here’s the lyrics video:

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