Beautiful Baby Boy

I’ve had several people email me and/or leave a comment asking for the lyrics and chords to the song I mentioned in my last post, “Beautiful Baby Boy”. I’m happy to offer both below.

I wrote this song last year during the Christmas season. I was (obviously) inspired by our daughter Megan who had just been born, marveling at her beauty and preciousness. When Jesus was born I’m sure Mary marveled at the same things. He was a real baby with a pudgy face and soft little lips, after all!

But he was more than a beautiful baby. He was the perfect Lamb of God who, one day, would be offered as a sacrifice in our place, securing our eternal peace with God.

Chord chart

Beautiful Baby Boy
His tiny little hands will be nailed to a tree
His precious little feet will be pierced through for me
And his soft little lips will bless and forgive
Oh beautiful baby boy

His tiny little chest will be whipped and flogged
His precious little head will be stained with his blood
And his soft little cry will beg for my life
Oh beautiful baby boy

Oh beautiful baby boy. Oh holy Lamb of God
Away in a manger lies our perfect sacrifice
Oh beautiful baby boy

His tiny little eyes will seek out the poor
His precious little arms will welcome the whore
And his soft pudgy face is the image of grace
Oh beautiful baby boy

And we were dead in our sins, and we were lost on our own
And we were children of wrath, and we were all without hope
But God rich in mercy, but God great in love
But God full of kindness gave us His only Son

And his soft pudgy face is the image of grace
Oh beautiful baby boy
Written by: Jamie Brown. © 2009 Worthily Magnify Music. Affiliated with CCLI.

You Can Come to Me

This past Sunday afternoon I led about 30 minutes of worship in song at the beginning of an afternoon healing service at my church. These services usually have three elements: singing, teaching, and then an open-ended time of prayer ministry.

After we had sung two songs, I had an impression from the Lord that there were several people who, because of feelings of condemnation or fear, were reluctant to “draw near to God” (James 4:8). So I sang a spontaneous song, conveying God’s heart that people draw near to him through Jesus Christ. Several people asked me for the words afterwards, and I thought I’d share the song on here in the event that this is an encouragement to you.

Why do you stand far away from me?
Why do you stand in fear?
I have made a way for you to come to me
And I am waiting here

There is no sin I did not bear
There is no sin that I did not take to the grave
But I rose again, I rose again
And I am your risen Savior

And you can come to me
Yes, you can come to me
And my grace is free
Poured out on Calvary

Why do you stand under the weight of condemnation?
There is none in Christ.
Why do you look on the old things?
For I give you new life

And you can come to me
You can come to me right now
‘Cause my grace is free, freely given
Poured out on Calvary

Unending love, unending grace, unending mercy
For you
Free for you

You can come to me
I will wash you clean
Don’t stand far from me
Come close. I am here