Growing and Leading Vibrant Choirs: Announcing A Day-Long Intensive This Coming March

1This week I’ve been sharing some thoughts on whether it’s possible (and I think it is) and how it’s possible (in spite of the trends) for choirs to experience vibrant ministry and growth – and to partner with contemporary bands, not just be separated out into their own distinct worlds, as happens so often.

This has been a departure for this blog, which (since it started way back in July 2009) hasn’t dealt with the topic of choirs very often, simply because it wasn’t my background, it wasn’t my problem, and it wasn’t on my radar.

But now it’s something I’m thinking about on a daily basis, and something I’m excited about at my local church.

If this is something that gets you excited, and if you’d like to dig deeper, I wanted to let you know of a day-long intensive I’m going to be hosting in Atlanta coming up this March for about 20 worship leaders/choir directors, that still has room for about 10 more people.

We’ll arrive in Atlanta the afternoon/evening of Tuesday, March 21st, and get to know one another a bit at dinner that night, share what’s happening in our own churches, and enjoy fellowship.

On Wednesday, March 22nd we’re going to spend all day at Mt. Paran Church of God in Atlanta, learning from their people, throwing some big questions out, and really drilling down into what can make this actually work. I want this to be really practical stuff. Then that night we’ll observe their choir rehearsal. Then late that night we’ll have a final Q&A with their leadership. It will be a long, full, content-rich, meaningful time. We’ll look at the problems, the possibilities, the practicalities, and the pastoral essentials.

We’ll all fly/drive home on Thursday March 23rd.

So far, a group of about 10 people I’ve invited from Anglican and Presbyterian churches around the country are going to be there. But I wanted to leave room for more, in case anyone else is interested.

If you’re interested, you can apply for one of the openings by clicking on the “contact me” tab above. Send me a quick note and simply let me know why this interests you. I will follow up by the beginning of next week to let you know if you’ve been “accepted” (for lack of a better word) and how to register.

If you’re not interested, then thanks for reading this far, and I’d appreciate your prayers for this small gathering in late March.

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