A Thousand Amens: Live Worship with The Falls Church Anglican

At long last, the live CD my church recorded in March, has been released and is available to order/download at www.tfcamusic.org.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with this recording!

Here’s what we say about the heart behind it in the first page of the booklet:

How can a congregation lose nearly everything – its buildings, its property, and most of its money – but worship God with more unity and joy than ever before?

When that congregation knows that it has everything it could ever need in the precious cornerstone and sure foundation of Jesus Christ.

These songs are a taste of the vibrant, Christ-centered, Spirit-filled worship that has become a hallmark of The Falls Church Anglican. They were recorded in the Main Sanctuary over two evenings in early March, just two months before we vacated our property. This was the end of over 275 years on that campus but not the end of our church.

So, at the close of this sweet chapter in our church’s life, we went out lifting high the name of Jesus and thanking God for his faithfulness.

This recording captures the cry of a congregation that has learned and clung to the reality that Jesus is worthy of costly worship. And if that means we lose everything to gain Christ, then we say a resounding “amen”. So be it, Lord. We believe you’re all to us.

The CD features 14 congregational worship songs, a mixture of existing songs, original songs, and hymns. The songs are:

1. Behold Our God
2. Praise My Soul the King of Heaven
3. Praise the Lord
4. God of All Power and Grace
5. Here is Love (Grace Takes My Sin)
6. Now Why This Fear
7. More Than Conquerors
8. Come You Sinners
9. The Lord’s Prayer
10. All My Fountains
11. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
12. All to Us
13. To Him Who is Able
14. A Thousand Amens

It was a joy to work with the amazing musicians on this CD. We used musicians from our own church (Jairo Viquez on electric guitar, Matt Brown on percussion, and Simon Dixon on the pipe organ). We used musicians from our sister churches (Jordan Ware singing and Chris Rothgeb on bass). And we used musicians from Nashville and L.A. (Carl Albrecht on drums, Luke Moesley on piano, and Russell Crain on electric guitar). Our own staff and volunteers engineered, recorded, and tracked the project (Jon Crocker, Andrew Schooley, Nathan Mitchell, Daniel Harlan and Tim Larson). And we got the project mixed by Paul Salveson and mastered by Jim DeMain in Nashville.

Here are just a few of the things I love about this CD:

It was recorded in our former Main Sanctuary. This was a beautiful space and I really miss it. You feel like you’re standing in that room with the bricks under your feet when you listen to it.

You can hear the congregation loud and strong. I told the congregation when we recorded this CD that we wanted this CD to sound like you’re standing in the midst of the congregation. I think we achieved that. The congregation sounds great.

All of the songs were recorded in congregational keys. We covered several songs that had been originally recorded in virtually un-singable keys but were still great songs. We brought them down to be more singable and accessible.

The songs reflect variety. We cover some Sovereign Grace songs, Passion songs, and a few songs from other sources as well. We have some fresh new arrangements of old hymns. And we have some original songs of mine (“God of All Power and Grace”, “More Than Conquerors”, and “Come You Sinners”) and Simon Dixon’s (“The Lord’s Prayer”).

The songs on the album are in the order we recorded them. We tried to make sure the songs flow into each other well and make sense not only musically, but thematically.

The packaging looks great. I know it’s much easier to download a CD on iTunes or Amazon or somewhere else, but if you can bear the wait (and pay a bit more) and order from www.tfcamusic.org, I think you’ll love to hold the actual copy in your hand, and see the pictures of our church and of the recording.

This CD has been a labor of love, and I just hope and pray that it blesses and refreshes and encourages everyone who hears it.

Order it through the link above, and in the meantime here’s a video with some pictures from the recording set to the last song on the album.

A Thousand Amens Promo Final-Vimeo Upload 720p from Daniel Harlan on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “A Thousand Amens: Live Worship with The Falls Church Anglican”

  1. Hi Jamie,
    I’m sitting at my desk listening to The Lord’s Prayer – played for me by Suki Dicker (who says hi and hopes you remember her from TFCA!) Any chance there is sheet music for this lovely setting somewhere?
    I’d be ever so grateful!

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