Pre-order The Falls Church’s LIVE Worship CD

As I’ve mentioned in two previous posts (here and here), we’re recording a live worship CD this weekend at my church. We’re about to lose our building (you can read more about why here), and will know the exact date tomorrow after the judge signs the “final order”, but we know it will be soon and wanted to capture a sense of corporate worship in our space before it’s too late.

We’re going to be singing 14 songs – a combination of re-worked hymns, some songs that might be familiar to you, and some original songs as well. We’re using some musicians from my church and also bringing in some gifted musicians from elsewhere. You might recognize Carl Albrecht, playing drums with us, who’s played on a ton of worship stuff from Paul Baloche and Integrity Music through the years.

My church has never done something like this before, so this is exciting. It’s also a bit risky. While a generous couple in our church is paying for all the initial costs related to the recording, we are counting on donations and pre-orders to provide the funds we need to get it edited, mixed, mastered, and packaged professionally. We’re hoping to raise enough funds to get it mixed and mastered in Nashville by the folks who have done many of Sovereign Grace Music’s latest albums.

So if you’d like to help us out by pre-ordering a copy, we’d be really grateful. You won’t get your CD for a while, but your donation will help make it come sooner.

Usually you wait until you can hear a CD to decide if you want to buy it or not. If you’re open to buying it in faith, and help our church make this CD while moving out of our campus, then visit and you can pre-order it today.

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