Live Worship CD Recording

I’ve been quiet on here this week and will probably be quiet for the next couple of weeks since we’re planning on recording a live worship CD at my church on Friday March 2nd and Saturday March 3rd. We’re really excited and really busy!

We got word about a month ago that, in all likelihood, we would be losing our building in a very short amount of time. The thought came to some of us shortly after that after years of dreaming about recording a live worship CD at our church, the time to do it in our building was quickly running out.

So in record time we planned it, budgeted it, are raising support for it, scheduled it, are getting people in place, are advertising it, are finalizing a song list, working on arrangements, and trying to figure out how to set all of this up in a ridiculously short amount of time.

I’m excited to capture a sense of corporate worship with the congregation of The Falls Church in our building before we move on from it. That’s the main reason we’re doing it. I think it will bless our congregation and other congregations who are losing their building. I think God will use it beyond our church, though. I don’t really know how, but I think he will, and that’s exciting too.

We’ll be using some of our own musicians, but also bringing in some gifted guys (Carl Albrecht on drums, Russell Crain on electric, etc.) to help us out. Lord willing, we’ll be getting it mixed and mastered in Nashville using many of the same guys who have done Sovereign Grace Music’s recent albums.

We’ll be doing some re-worked hymns, some songs you may have already heard before, and some new songs original to our congregation.

I’ll keep you posted over the next few weeks/months as this project progresses, and let you know how you can pre-order the CD soon. It really will help us if people pre-order the CD as that will allow us the funding necessary to bring the project to a quicker completion. We’re viewing it a bit like a Kickstarter project, but the difference is that we’re guaranteeing it will get done eventually, we’re just not sure when. The more positive a response up-front, the more likely it will be in your hands by early summer.


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