Come You Sinners

Last weekend in our services I shared a song that I wrote called “Come You Sinners”. I’m always hesitant to share my own songs on here, but several people were helped by it, so I thought I’d pass it along in the event that it’s helpful to you or your congregation. I borrowed two lines from the old hymn “Come Ye Sinners“, and one line from Augustine’s Confessions in the chorus.

Here are the lyrics and a very rough demo that I recorded for the worship team at my church.

Come, you sinners, poor and needy
Come behold your Savior’s face
Full of love and rich in mercy
Hands outstretched with endless grace

Nothing you have done has earned it
Full atonement, vast and free
Nothing you can do can change it
Rest on Jesus’ victory

Our hearts are restless till we find our rest in You
Our lives are hopeless till we find our hope in You
Jesus, You are my life
Jesus, I give my life to You

Come you weary, heavy laden
Burdened under shame and sin
There is never condemnation
When your life in Christ is hid (chorus)

There is no one else to turn to
He will guide you all your days
His perfect love is perfect for you
Trust in Jesus’ saving grace (chorus)
Jamie Brown. © 2011 Worthily Magnify Music. Affiliated with CCLI.

3 thoughts on “Come You Sinners”

  1. This is definitely a favourite. I awoke this morning with the chorus singing in my head. BEST. WAKE. UP. EVER.

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