More Easter Eggs of Wisdom

Yesterday I shared some observations and tips for leading worship on Easter. I have a few more.

Watch out for the ladies who wear hats. If a woman comes to church wearing a hat, she means business. She’s in no mood to joke around. The bigger the hat, the more feathers and lace it contains, and the more valuable it appears, the more seriously you should take her.

Watch out for the dudes who wear pink pants. Listen, I know it’s Easter, but no man should ever be seen in public, especially in church, wearing pink pants. Alert your ushers to this man as quickly as possible and have him ejected.

If you ever need a good laugh, watch this video. “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” with “That’s Amore”. The best song combination in the history of time. 

People who correct you when you say “happy Easter” with “no… happy Resurrection Day!” should also be ejected. Yes, Easter has been commercialized and associated with bunnies and chocolate and eggs and spring time, but it doesn’t mean that if I choose to still call it “Easter” that I’m not a Christian. I am. And I really like chocolate. But not pink pants.

When/if you say “Alleluia! Christ is Risen! The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!” (or something similar) you might want to say it with some enthusiasm. Seriously, it’s Easter. This is amazing! Jesus Christ is alive! Then why do you sound like you’re reading me a bedtime story? Raise your voice a little bit. It’s OK.

Timpani make every song sound awesome. I don’t care what song you’re playing. Add a timpani roll and now it’s officially awesome.

Brass makes every song sound even more awesome. More so than timpani, throw a good brass quartet onto a song and now you’re talking. Jesus is not only alive but he’s coming back right here, right now, right on this chorus! (By the way, if the trumpet player aims correctly, he can take care of a few of those fancy Easter hats.)

Easter Sunday afternoon naps are statistically proven to be more satisfying than any other nap any other day out of the year. It’s true.

The Sunday after Easter is a good Sunday for the youth band to lead the music. You need a break. They hardly ever to get to play in the main services. Take a vacation and let them lead for you. Just make sure none of the guys wear pink pants.

7 thoughts on “More Easter Eggs of Wisdom”

  1. I have long loved John Daker. What better way to ring in Easter – I mean, “Resurrection Day.” 😉

    And now I offer, John Daker: The Animated Version.

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