Quick Tips for Surviving Christmas as Worship Leader

How can a worship leader survive the incredibly busy Christmas season? Expectations abound from every angle: from our families, our congregations, and our own hearts.

Some quick tips for worship leaders at Christmas:

Keep looking at Jesus
This is all about him and for him.

Don’t complicate things too much
For the most part, the people coming to your services over the next few days just want to sing carols and hear the Christmas story. Let them!

Ask people to pray for you
Humble yourself and ask for prayer. You need it!

Beware your own expectations
You may find yourself wanting to one-up last year’s services, or prove something to someone, or prove something to yourself. Don’t worry about proving anything. Just point to Jesus.

Remember Christmas will come again
So you might not get everything exactly right this year. There’s always next year. Christmas always comes again.

Listen to this
If this doesn’t make you laugh – and you know you need a laugh right about now – then I don’t know what else will.

Merry Christmas!

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