Being Quick to Say “Thank You” and “I’m Sorry”

1There are no greater phrases for someone who’s in ministry than “thank you” and “I’m sorry”.

You can’t say “thank you” enough. To the people around you, to the people who serve behind the scenes while you stand on a platform, to the people directing traffic in the church parking lot, to the lady in the nursery entertaining screaming babies, to the instrumentalist who played his part exceptionally well, to the singer who got her kids all dressed up for church and in Sunday school in enough time to make it on stage with you. Notice these things. Open your eyes. And say “thank you”.

And you shouldn’t be afraid to say “I’m sorry” either. To the technical volunteer who you might have been just a little flippant toward, or the projectionist who you threw for a loop, or the person who you forgot to email back, or the colleague you interrupted. Whatever. Maybe you’re totally justified. But the power of a genuine “I’m sorry” is worth it.

Commit to being the kind of person in ministry who’s quick to say “thank you” and quick to say “I’m sorry” and you will hardly ever regret it.

One thought on “Being Quick to Say “Thank You” and “I’m Sorry””

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I used to send out weekly notes of thanks to various team members thanking them for specific things they do to help make our team so great (that way they know it’s not a “form letter of thanks”). But, for some reason, I have gotten away from doing this. Well, now it’s back on my weekly ToDo List. 🙂

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