5 thoughts on “The Effect of Affect”

  1. This is SO GREAT. I was totally cracking up as well… so true, so true. It would be amazing to get together with other Anglican worship leaders and be able to talk through this stuff. I would so love that.

    And thanks for your blog, I am learning so much. 🙂

  2. Dang it…and I thought singing with that breathy tone on all my slow stuff was helping me KILL IT! 🙂

    Good stuff once again Jamie that lots and lots of worship leaders out there need to be taught or at the very least reminded of.

    Keep on truckin’ man!

  3. Jamie, this is awesome. Well said. I think this all traces back to Eddie Vedder, who from the days of Matchbox 20 onward has been constantly (even if unintentionally) imitated from the microphone.

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