Top Ten Ways Anglican Churches Can Grow in Worship – Pt. 1

This past weekend I had the privilege of leading worship in Southern California for the Diocese of Western Anglican’s Kingdom Conference. This diocese is made up of congregations that were once in the Episcopal church but have left to remain faithful to Jesus and Holy Scripture, and now belong to a new diocese together in the Anglican Church in North America. It’s exciting to see how God is reforming and working in the Anglican church.

I’ve belonged to an Anglican church my entire life. Many years in Episcopal churches, and more recently as part of the churches that have left and been aligned with the new American branch of Anglicanism.

I taught a seminar on Saturday titled “Ten Ways Anglican Churches Can Grow in Worship“. Tomorrow I’ll share the important stuff that I said, since I think a lot of it applies in non-Anglican churches too. Today I thought I’d share the joke I started off with.

Inspired by David Letterman, here are my tongue-in-cheek ways Anglican churches can grow in worship. Drum roll please…

10. Two words: donut guild.
9. Vestry candidate dance-off.
8. 40 days of Lent replaced with 40 days of Cheesecake.
7. Massaging pews.
6. Instead of the response “…and also with you”, the congregation says “right back atcha dude”.
5. New rule: cold pasta salads at church potlucks are grounds for immediate excommunication.
4. Security detail assigned to remove off-beat clappers
3. New game for bored middle schoolers: spit ball the snoozers.
2.“Passing of the peace” replaced with “passing of the pizza”
1. New name for genuflecting… Tebowing.

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