More Backgrounds That Make You Say “What?”

A few weeks ago I had some fun with some hypothetical backgrounds for worship song lyrics. My point was that most of the time, pictures behind song lyrics is more distracting than helpful, and I used some extreme examples to illustrate.

And I just can’t resist doing some more.

This first one is fairly self-explanatory. What on earth could make you hungrier than a nice juicy cheeseburger? This picture would help people feel hungry for God.

Just imagine how free these horses must feel when they’re finally allowed to run! Likewise, Jesus sets us free from sin.

From what some of the Christmas carols tell me, Jesus was born in a snowy, late-December Bethlehem. And the Bible says that angels announced his birth. So what could be better than a snow angel? It’s got the best of both worlds.

At the Worship God ’11 conference, Bob Kauflin mentioned that the second verse of the song “Our God” made him think of a Phoenix in flight. That really moved me. So here it is.

To be perfectly honest, the second verse of “Mighty to Save” has always confused me a bit. Am I giving my life to follow Jesus? Or am I giving my life to follow everything I believe in? Am I surrendering myself or am I surrendering everything I believe in? I don’t get it. Oh well. Here’s a picture of delicious chocolate cake.

Just in case people can’t picture what a shepherd looks like, I moved the lyrics around so we could help them out.

Nothing gets me worshipping better than seeing a picture of people with their hands in the air.

And finally, is there anything more beautiful on this planet than a triple rainbow?

2 thoughts on “More Backgrounds That Make You Say “What?””

  1. These are awesome. I wanted to thank you for a bunch of your thoughts on lyric projection as I discovered your posts tagged with “Lyric projection” via Google. I’m that guy behind the computer most of the time and often think about how to do it better, but your semi-series is the first time I’ve seen a blogger write on the subject, though I want to in the future. I’m happy to see that we are pretty much in agreement.

    Since you have written about lyric projection, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on something. What should I do about punctuation at the end of lines? I get most lyrics from the SongSelect database and those rarely include punctuation at the end of any lines, but the lyrics that came with my projection software (MediaShout) are public domain and do include punctuation. I have more detailed thoughts, but in short if I have to add lyrics from scratch I generally include nearly every ‘?’, sometimes the ‘!’s, and almost no other punctuation at the ends of lines. However I see that you do include punctuation on your slide examples here.

    I think the closest authorities on the matter would be poets (of which I am not) who say “it depends”. Of course it depends in slightly different ways for them compared with for us because our purposes differ. Of course all those public domain Christmas carols bring me to this question once again this year.

    Thanks again.

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