A few Saturdays ago we began our Saturday service with the Stuart Townend/Keith Getty song “Creation Sings the Father’s Song”. If you don’t know this one you can read a post I did about it a while ago or just watch the YouTube clip here.

After an opening prayer and bit of liturgy we did a Stuart Townend/Aaron Keyes song based off of Psalm 62 called “My Soul Finds Rest”. It’s a great song. You can see it here.

Both songs are strong, congregational, truth-filled songs.

They also sound a lot alike.

So after the second verse of “My Soul Finds Rest” I was so caught up in the moment that I launched into the chorus of “Creation Sings”.


Here’s how it sounded in all of its splendor.

OK, so a few lessons learned:

1. Don’t do two songs back-to-back, even if there is a pause between them, that sound exactly the same. And are in the same key. And have the same time signature. And both have three verses and a chorus. And both choruses have similar lyrics.

2. If you happen to mess up royally like this, there’s no way to hide it. Just keep trucking, laugh, and correct yourself.

3. Definitely don’t post the recording of this royal mess up on the internet.

But I just couldn’t resist letting you hear this moment of loveliness.

We changed one of the songs the next morning. That’s lesson #4: rehearsals and run-throughs (our Saturday service is always a good “run-through” for us) are always a good idea.

4 thoughts on “Oops”

  1. I would hardly called that messing up royally, sure you might have confused some people a little but you carried right on and just repeated the chorus, no big deal really.

    In fact, I would wager that a lot of people in the service wouldn’t even remember it had happened without prompting now.

    Things that go wrong when you’re up the front always seem much worse than they actually are from the congregations perspective.

  2. Oftentimes, I’ll mix verses of hymns. It’s so easy to sing line 1 of verse 2 and then on line 2 skip to verse 3. Happens a lot. I just smile, and so does the congregation.

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