Song Recommendation – “We Have a Great Priest”

I first heard David Clifton’s “We Have a Great Priest” about ten years ago, when I picked up a copy of the CD “Praise God” that he recorded along with Andy Piercy. It struck me as a beautiful song and great setting of Hebrews 10:21-23, but I never used it in a congregational setting until last week.

After introducing it, I wondered what took me so long.

It was written in 1996, but since I just recently re-discovered it and suspect you might not be familiar with it, I’d like to recommend it. David has kindly agreed to let me share the chord chart and let you listen to a recording of the song.

Here are the lyrics:

We have a great priest
Over the house of God
So let us draw near to God  with a sincere heart
In full assurance, assurance of our faith
Having our hearts touched
To cleanse us from all guilt

For he who promised is faithful
For he who promised is faithful
Is faithful to me

Give me a pure heart, holding to Your hope
The hope I profess, Lord, lead me in Your way
Be now my strength, Lord
And all of my trust, Lord
And I will fear no-one,
For You are with me.

– David Clifton  © IQ Music 1996

Here’s why I like this song:
– The first verse and chorus are straight from scripture
– I don’t know of another song that lets us dwell on the words “he who promised is faithful” several times
– The simple prayer in the second verse is God-centered
– The melody is memorable and easy to sing
– The “feel” on the verses is unpredictable and different
– It helps stir up a gratefulness for Jesus

You can listen to the song below:

For a PDF chord chart, click here.

To download an mp3 of the song on iTunes, click here.

2 thoughts on “Song Recommendation – “We Have a Great Priest””

  1. Jamie, we played this song last week and I’m frequently singing to myself , “He who promised is faithful”. The way the chorus is sung lets the singer pause for reflection ater the important words “He”, “promised” and “faithful”. Faith is only as good as the object of our faith, and we have Christ, who has proven himself worthy of our faith. Therefore we can trust in “his very great and precious promises”. The music is adaptable. It works well stripped down and simple, but also lends itself to added layers for more texture. I think it can be used by a solo worship leader or larger teams. Good all around song.

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