Is There More to Church Than This?

My friend Sammy Davies (he blogs over at saintbeagle) passed this video along to me and asked that I post it. I couldn’t resist.

First, because it’s very funny.

Secondly, because it (sadly, but accurately) describes what many churches and worship leaders “present” Sunday after Sunday after Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Is There More to Church Than This?”

  1. Thanks Jamie, it is funny, very funny (that’s why I posted it on my blog, but I think it could be useful for us wishing to faithfully lead our churches.

    Seeing as it highlights some potential pitfalls and clichés we might be tempted to fall into, it can give us a bit of a wake up call.

    It’s just another reminder to ask ourselves the all important questions like, ‘What are we doing?’ ‘why am I picking this song?’ etc.

    If pastors will one day have to give account of what they taught then I don’t see why us worship leaders should think we can get away with half baked songs slung together for mixed motives. Considering the amount people can potentially learn through the songs they sing in Church it’s an incredibly important role, right down to the lines we emphasis in songs and answering the question, ‘why did you repeat THAT chorus 3 times?’

    1. Oh wow…I don’t mean this to come across as self-righteous or offensive, but I’m so glad I’m in a small church where most of that wouldn’t even be possible. It’s all WAY too real!

  2. Classic. This and several other recent postings lead to a broad question, which is, where to put the band? I have been a bit discomfited to walk into some contemporary churches and, instead of seeing an altar (i.e., the Lord’s table) ahead of me, there is a stage with elevated platforms for each of the band members (who by the way all look like they’ve traveled through time from Seattle circa 1992), and instead of a bare cross suspended overhead (symbolizing our risen Lord), there is some edgy, artsy backdrop. Traditional church layouts are not acoustically ideal, but they at least direct the congregants to the appropriate object of attention, which is the Lord, and not the band. I am not saying to hide the band, or that a stage is always a bad thing, just scale back the band’s prominence. Doing so will probably subdue or even drive away some of the egos that are parodied in this video.

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