Pre-service Huddle

The worship team at my church is made up of about 20 – 25 instrumentalists and singers. Each weekend, about six people make up a team – on drums, bass, electric, acoustic, keys, and vocals. Some weekends it’s bigger and other weekends it’s smaller.

I send the songs out to each weekend’s scheduled team on the Thursday before. We meet to rehearse on Saturday at 3:00pm, lead the music at the 5:00 evening service, and then come back the next morning to lead music at the 11:00am service.

Since there is a 9:00am service that has music led by the choir and organ, and we’ve already rehearsed and led a service the previous day, we usually meet around 10:00 or 10:15 to talk about any changes that have come up, any tweaks we need to make, and to pray together.

This morning we talked about a change to the chord progression in “Crown Him with Many Crowns” (we used a version inspired by Enfield), I gave out some corrected chord charts, we clarified who was playing certain parts and how we were starting off a song, and then were able to get a sound check and quick run through before the service started.

Here’s a clip of what it looked like this morning. Just four or five guys in a circle. Not very exciting, but hopefully helpful.

2 thoughts on “Pre-service Huddle”

  1. We used the Enfield-inspired arrangement of “Crown Him with Many Crowns” as the opening call to worship during a conference at our church last weekend. Instead of a pre-service huddle to change the chords I got it out a few days in advance – we scrapped the verse 4 key change as during practice even the vocalists started straining in the last verse. I think it turned out ok, though there’s always room to improve!

    1. Hey William. Enfield starts off in D and jumps to E – which makes the last verse pretty high. We decided to start off in C and then jump up to D on the last verse, which was a bit more comfortable.

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