Psalm 96 by Joseph Stigora

Joseph Stigora’s setting of Psalm 96 gets a bad rap. Sure, he started it off in the key of F# at the Worship God conference in 2008 only to have the band join in the key of G, prompting this hilarious and often-viewed YouTube video, but you’d never know anything else about how the song goes or how the verses sound unless you were at the conference.

And then last week I added to the abuse of Joseph’s song by writing a little post about how, when I used it at my church to start off the service, the people in the congregation who came in late and missed the instructions to not sing the verses ended up standing around confused.

It’s actually a great contemporary setting of the Psalm. The chorus is singable and catchy, the verses are great for a vocalist to sing on his/her own, and the melody/feel complements the text well. All you have to do is make sure you’re all singing/playing in the same key (because you wouldn’t want this to happen! Have you seen that video, by the way?), and your congregation knows what to do on the verses (i.e. not try to sing along).

Joseph has kindly agreed to offer the chord chart as a free download and a rough demo mp3 of the full song (in the same key the whole time!) for you to listen to. Joseph is a gifted and humble guy who’s a worship leader and pastor on staff at Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania.

Chord chart

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