Resources for Worship Team Pianists

This morning I talked with a great friend who has been the worship director for a church plant the last few months about what resources are available to help worship team piano players play with skill and sensitivity. Here are few that I know of.

Sovereign Grace Music
1. Band on the Run seminar. Worship God 2008 conference seminar. (See previous post)
2. “Foundations for Keyboardists.” Worship God 2008 conference seminar.
3. “Playing Spontaneously.” Worship God 2006 conference seminar.
4. “But Where Are the Notes? Playing Chord Charts.” Worship God 2000 conference seminar.
5. “Keyboardists: From Notes to Charts.” Worship God 2009 conference seminar.
6. “Advanced Piano Techniques.” Worship 2009 conference seminar.

Paul Baloche Instructional DVDs
1. “Music Theory Made Easy
Worship Band Workshop

Ed Kerr Instructional DVDs
1. “Keyboards in Contemporary Praise and Worship
The Songs of Today

1. “10 Things to Do with Chords
2. “Organ Sounds on a Keyboard
3. “Where Keyboards Are Most Suited to Leading
4. “String Sounds
5. “Keyboard Fills

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