Video Clip – Paul Baloche on Choosing a Drummer

Last month I shared a video by Paul Baloche on “choosing a bass player“. Here’s another video with him explaining what he looks for when choosing a drummer. Some quotes that stood out to me:

“It’s better to have no drummer than to have a bad drummer.”

“You’re looking at the heart and you’re looking at the skill… anytime you’re looking to pick a musician.”

“It’s easier to add to a team than to undo a team.”

“I’m amazed by how many people have said ‘oh man, this dude is such a good drummer’ and then I hear them and it’s like they don’t do the number one thing a drummer is created for and that is to keep good time.”

One thought on “Video Clip – Paul Baloche on Choosing a Drummer”

  1. Yeah, great kick in the pants for me (I’m the “I’d rather not have you” drummer). Time to go click it out some more.. because it is so important.

    Funny thing is, if you don’t have drummer, keeping the beat is important, but not nearly as crucial as when that drummer’s added. With a drummer, the expectation for a solid beat goes up.

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

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