Where’s the Passion?

danceIn 2 Samuel 6, when the Ark of the Covenant was brought back into Jerusalem, David “danced… with all his might”. Take that description literally and just imagine how David looked. Undignified enough to draw the mocking of his wife Michal – but not nearly undignified enough for David to think about pulling back.

In Mark 14, a woman pours perfume on Jesus’ head. This perfume is expensive (worth “…more than year’s wages…). She didn’t hold any back (“she broke the jar…”). She drew the mocking of those around her (“they rebuked her harshly”). But Jesus was honored enough to say “she has done a beautiful thing to me”.

When I stand in front of a congregation to lead them in worship, do I resemble David or Michal? Am I worshipping “before the Lord” or too worried about my dignify? Am I willing to become “even more undignified” or do I look upon such behavior as worthy of contempt?

When I leave a service on Sunday morning, can I look back and say that I “broke the jar” – giving my all to worship Jesus? Did it cost me anything? Or did I hold back for fear of rebuke or for fear of giving up too much? Do I resemble Mary, whose worship was “beautiful” to Jesus, or the people who look upon such extravagant worship with suspicion?

Where’s the passion when I lead worship?

God deserves my whole-hearted, enthusiastic, God-glorifying, genuine, and even full-bodied singing.

The congregation is served by my example of a David-like abandon and Luke 14-like devotion.

I become a more effective worship leader when my passion for the glory of God is contagious and spreads into the congregation.

Where is your passion on Sunday morning?

If your passion is the music, it will show. You’ll contribute to a music ministry that exists to perform and a congregation that exists to hear and critique music.

If your passion is perfection you’ll contribute to a music ministry that exists to impress and a congregation that exists to applaud.

But if your passion is the glory of God, you’ll contribute to a music ministry and congregation for whom God’s glory is the goal and delight.

It’s not enough to be a good musician. Break your jar every Sunday, worship with all your might, and do it all “before the Lord”.

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