Song Recommendation: Creation Sings the Father’s Song

I’m a huge fan of Stuart Townend and Keith and Kristyn Getty’s music. Their songs are consistently congregational, musically rich, and doctrinally sound. I came across their song “Creation Sings the Father’s Song” a few months ago and was struck by what a great song it is in a number of ways.

Musically, it’s different and creative. It takes you a minute to get used to the time signature in the verses – and I like that. It’s good for the musicians and the congregation to be stretched and not follow the same patterns. Melodically, it’s easy to sing and memorable, but not predictable. Lyrically, it says things in a new way and allows biblical truth to get planted in your heart as you sing. Somehow the song is able to weave together the story of creation, fall, redemption, and consummation in three verses with a powerful chorus of “hallelujah”. Great song.

Words and Music by Keith & Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend
Copyright © 2008 Thankyou Music

Creation sings the Father’s song; He calls the sun to wake the dawn
And run the course of day ‘till evening falls in crimson rays.
His fingerprints in flakes of snow, His breath upon this spinning globe,
He charts the eagle’s flight; commands the newborn baby’s cry.

Hallelujah! Let all creation stand and sing,
“Hallelujah!” Fill the earth with songs of worship;
Tell the wonders of creation’s King.

Creation gazed upon His face; the ageless One in time’s embrace
Unveiled the Father’s plan of reconciling God and man.
A second Adam walked the earth, whose blameless life would break the curse,
Whose death would set us free to live with Him eternally.

Creation longs for His return, when Christ shall reign upon the earth;
The bitter wars that rage are birth pains of a coming age.
When He renews the land and sky, all heav’n will sing and earth reply
With one resplendent theme: the glory of our God and King!

Download the sheet music here. The song is on Stuart Townend’s newest CD of the same name (order a hard copy) (download it on iTunes), and the Getty’s new CD “Awaken the Dawn“. You can also purchase this song by itself on iTunes.

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