The Joy of Leading Kids in Worship

1The highlight of Easter for me this year was leading worship for our 10:15am family service. It was loud, crazy, fun, and sweet. In between our “main” services in the auditorium we welcomed families with young children to the gym for 40 minutes of songs, the Easter story, a short message, brief prayers, and some more songs. We handed out lollipops as kids (and adults) left, had a huge bouquet of balloons up front, and kept it moving to keep kids’ attention.

The best part was having my 3-year-old and 2-year-old come up and join me (they did it on Good Friday too). I didn’t expect that, but they seemed to love it and I did too.

Leading worship for kids is one of the most fun worship leading experiences in the world.

It keeps you humble. Leading worship for kids is NEVER below you.

It shows kids they matter. To have the regular worship leader, and a full band, lead for a kids’ service sends them a powerful message.

It shows you whether or not your songs say anything important worth remembering.

It helps you think carefully about whether or not you’re leading in an engaging way. 

It provides you a chance to get away with saying things like “now come on, that was terrible. Let’s try that again.” How many times have you wanted to say that in the “main” service?!?

It reminds you that you need to be more childlike. Stop acting like such a professional and loosen up a little bit.

If you haven’t led worship for kids in a while, or ever, I can’t recommend it enough. It will bless you, bless your church, and thrill your children’s ministry director to have someone volunteering to help. And it will make you more effective when you get stuck with the adults again.