Just Because You’re Tired of a Song…

For every one time you lead a song during a service, you probably sing it two other times during rehearsal.

Them: 1. You: 3.

For every one time you lead a song during a service, then lead it a few weeks later a second time, chances are that a quarter (or so) of your congregation isn’t there to sing it.

Them: 1 – 2. You: 6.

And then for every time you lead a song during a service, then lead it a few weeks later a second time, and everyone in your congregation happens to be there all at the same time, you’re probably also leading that same song in some other context.

Them: 2. You: 7.

It’s understandable that you get tired of certain songs when you’re leading worship. Between rehearsals, multiple services, and different events, odds are that there are particular songs you sing quite frequently.

But it’s important to keep in mind that just because you’re tired of a song, it doesn’t mean people in your congregation are tired of it too. You get tired of songs more quickly than your congregation does.

Sometimes it’s the opposite problem. You just love a certain song and could sing it every week, but people in your congregation are sick of it. It takes growing in discernment, wisdom, and observational sharpness to be able to spot this.

However, it’s more likely that you’re the one who’s going to be getting tired of a song first. Be encouraged that it takes much longer for the congregation to get sick of it than you think it might.

Here’s the main reason why this should be encouraging to you:

It isn’t necessary to introduce new songs as often as you’re tempted.

There’s probably a song you did a few months ago that people would be quite happy to sing again. Maybe you did a song just last week that people really seemed to enjoy. Then do it again this week. You know that song you think people don’t want to sing again? Maybe they wouldn’t mind so much.

So keep in mind that for every 7 times you sing a song – the average person in the congregation is singing it twice. Don’t be so quick to put that song on the bench.

4 thoughts on “Just Because You’re Tired of a Song…”

    1. Absolutely a great reminder!! So often we get into a “routine” and need those reminders that we are still to be a vessel and transparent.

      Thank you for sharing!

  1. Gret post. Couldn’t agree more. Will be posting a link soon.

    BTW – it’s even worse when you’ve written the song! Sometimes I’ve been bored out of my mind by the time we’ve rehearsed it once or twice with the band. (My latest song took about 2 years from having to rewrite the chorus twice).

    It’s only really encouragement from your team and leaders that gets you through. That said, once you’re able to introduce it and see it owned by the congregation it gets a whole new lease of life.

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