Projecting Excellence – Does Alignment Matter?

At my church, we’ve found that using 38-point white Arial font on a black background is the most readable way to format our song lyrics. We center the lyrics, paying attention to line breaks, grammar, margins, and accuracy. We don’t want the lyrics to be distracting either in their flashiness or messiness. We aim for readable and easy to follow.

In our services we employ a good deal of liturgy and corporate prayers that are projected. We’ve discovered that it helps the congregation differentiate between song lyrics and prayer text if the prayer text or liturgy is left-aligned.

Here’s an example of the first verse of Matt Redman’s “Blessed Be Your Name”.

Blessed Be Your Name good
Here’s an example of the “prayer for purity” that we use for communion Sundays.

prayer for purity

And here’s a little bit our baptism liturgy.

Verses 2 – 4 of Psalm 103.

Psalm 103
We left-adjust almost everything we project that isn’t lyrics to a song. When you’re reading, not singing, something, it’s easier when it’s laid out like in a book, a website, a newspaper, etc. Most things you’re supposed to read are left-aligned.

If you use your screens to project prayers, creeds, or liturgies, think about helping the congregation read them more easily by aligning them to the left. Yes, a very small detail, but we’ve found it helpful. Maybe you will too.

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